Important! Use of the Website edu-cash.com (hereinafter referred to as the "Website") means acceptance of the terms of the user agreement below (hereinafter referred to as the "Agreement"). If You do not agree with any term of this Agreement, You must stop using the Website immediately.

The Company Edu-cash.com, hereinafter referred to as the "Company", expresses its intention to conclude the Agreement with a person, hereinafter referred to as the "Partner", interested in participating in the Affiliate Program on the Website, via the acceptance of this Agreement by the Partner.

The acceptance of this Agreement is the full and unconditional acceptance of the terms of this Agreement by completing the following specific actions, namely:

  1. familiarization with the terms of the Agreement;
  2. entering the following registration data: name, email address, contacts in one of the messengers (of Your choice);
  3. putting a symbol in a special field next to the phrase "Accept the terms of the User Agreement";
  4. clicking the "Register" button.

An individual directly accepting the Agreement, as well as performing other actions on behalf of the Partner, confirms that they are duly authorized to act on behalf of the Partner (not recognized by the court as insolvent, in relation to whom no monitoring procedure or other procedure has been introduced in accordance with bankruptcy law), has familiarized themsleves with the terms of this Agreement, and fully accept them.

This Agreement is an expression of legal understanding between the Company and the Partner (hereinafter referred to as "You"). Consent to abide by all the Terms and Conditions is mandatory for further use of the Website, registration, as well as participation in the Affiliate Program of the Company, therefore it is strongly recommended that You study all of the information below.

    1. Company is the administrator, operator and copyright owner of the Website, which can be found at edu-cash.com.
    2. Affiliate Agreement is a legal expression of understanding between the Company and You, which defines all the rules and conditions for participation in the Affiliate Program.
    3. Website - a website available at edu-cash.com along with all information (including but not limited to texts, images, programs, sound files, databases, software, etc.).
    4. Affiliate Program - a type of cooperation between the Company and Partners, which involves attracting Customers to the Company by Partners, for which Partners receive a reward.
    5. Partner - a member of the Affiliate Program of the Company that has been registered and whose account has been activated as a Partner.
    6. Personal profile - a special section of the Website through which the Partner implements the capabilities of the Website, information is exchanged with the Company, payment by Customers is monitored, payment is made to the Partner, the text of this Agreement is posted (current version of the Agreement). Only a specific Partner has access to the specified special section. The information stored in a special section is confidential and not subject to disclosure, with the exception of cases expressly provided by the Agreement or the law. The Company has the right at any time to change the opportunities provided to the Partner in the Personal profile.
    7. Traffic - Customers provided by the Partner who order and pay for the services provided by the Company.
    8. Hold - the period of reservation of the amount of the order made by the client, which was brought by the Partner, which is applied to new Partners in order to confirm the customer's order. During the reservation period, reward to the Partner is not accrued or paid.
    9. Refund - the case when the client asks for a refund for the payment of the order.
    1. This Agreement is concluded between the Company and You. This implies that You agree to follow all the Terms and Conditions of use of the Website described in this Agreement.
    2. Failure to fulfill or follow any conditions or rules from this Agreement (on the part of the Company or on Your part) does not cancel the legal effect of the rules and conditions of this Agreement.
    3. This Agreement does not imply obligations to a third party.
    4. This Agreement is provided in electronic form without the need for a printout or Your personal signature.
    5. The Company reserves the right to amend, supplement, or modify the Terms and Conditions of this Agreement. Affiliates will be notified of these changes by email.
    6. You agree to follow the Terms and Conditions of this Agreement in the following cases, but not limited to:
      1. Visiting and viewing the Website using any device;
      2. Registration on the Website;
      3. Use of the Website to participate in the Affiliate Program;
      4. Refusal and termination of cooperation as a Partner.
    7. The Company may carry out preventive work that may affect the functioning of the Affiliate Program. Such situations may not be construed as a violation of the rules of this Agreement. Preventive work is carried out by the Company at its discretion only to the extent necessary without your consent.
    8. If You do not agree with the Terms and Conditions of the Agreement, You agree to leave the Website and refuse to use it.
    9. As a result of registration, the Partner is granted access to the account on the Website according to the credentials - login and password. The password can be changed by the Partner at any time after registration. The Partner has an obligation to ensure the security and safety of the password before third parties. In the event of a compromise or suspicion of a compromise of the password, including in the event of unlawful seizure by third parties of access to the account, the Partner is obliged to immediately inform the Company about this at the email address [email protected]. Until the receipt of such a message, all actions committed through the Partner's account will be considered committed by the Partner.
    1. The Company separates the definitions of "User" and "Partner". User - any visitor of the Website who can view all available materials. Partner - a member of the Affiliate Program of the Company.
    2. The purpose of the Company Website is to provide all the necessary information regarding participation in the Affiliate Program.
    3. In order to become a Partner, You need to register, which involves filling out a registration form with the provision of information in accordance with the preamble to this Agreement.
    4. When filling out the registration form, You submit certain personal information. This information can be used to improve Your use of the site, and also so that You can receive useful and important information. You can read more about the use of personal data in the relevant part of the Privacy Policy.
    5. When You receive letters from the Company, You can always unsubscribe from the newsletter or find the Company's contacts for communication.
    6. The Company is ready to consider any complaints, suggestions, requests or reviews in a timely and free manner.
  4. PARTICIPATION IN THE Affiliate Program
    1. Participation in the Affiliate Program implies Your cooperation with the Company.
    2. Persons under the age of majority do not have the right to participate in the Affiliate Program of the Company. By registering on the Company Website, You thereby confirm Your coming of age.
    3. After completing the registration, You will receive the status of a Partner and You can convert Traffic using the promotional materials presented in the Personal profile.
    4. Promotional materials include a variety of banners, links, templates, key phrases and more. The Company reserves the intellectual property right to all promotional materials.
    5. The Company gives You the right to use promotional materials on the basis of a limited license, namely, only to attract traffic using the permitted sources described below and only within the framework of the Affiliate Program.
    6. It is forbidden to use promotional materials for profit that is not provided for by the terms of the Affiliate Program.
    7. The Company may change promotional materials without warning by sending information about the change of promotional materials to the Partner by e-mail. Actual promotional materials are available in the Personal profile.
    8. To attract traffic, the Partner is allowed to use the following sources:
      1. Any websites;
      2. Social networks;
      3. Banners
      4. Contextual advertising;
      5. Other sources that are not prohibited by this Agreement, as well as international law.
    1. The Partner receives a reward for the successful fulfillment of the conditions described in this agreement, namely:
      1. Up to 70% for every first paid order of a new customer;
      2. Up to 25% for all subsequent orders of a client who has already made and paid for one order at least;
      3. Up to 10% for each attracted Partner;
      4. Partners can find more specific remuneration information at edu-cash.com
    2. A Partner may receive remuneration including but not limited to the following methods:
      1. WebMoney;
      2. Payoneer;
      3. Capitalist;
      4. Wire Transfer.
    3. The Partner agrees to follow the rules for withdrawing earned funds:
      1. Payments are made in the way that the Partner selects from those presented in the Personal profile upon request. Payments on request are made within one business day;
      2. The commission is charged to the Partner's account upon payment of the order by the client. The commission may be delayed for payment if the order is still under verification;
      3. The minimum withdrawal amount is 50 (fifty) US dollars;
      4. The Company reserves the right not to pay remuneration if the Partner violated the terms of this Agreement.
    4. The Company's Customers have the opportunity to replenish their balance and subsequently spend these funds to pay for orders. The Company pays a fee only for placing an order by the client, and not when replenishing the balance.
    5. In the period 1-5 of each month, the Partner level is recalculated:
      1. Upon reaching the previous month's number of orders required for a higher level, the Partner is assigned the corresponding higher level and the percentage of remuneration is changed to the corresponding one;
      2. If the number of orders required for the current level is not reached, the Company reserves the right to unilaterally lower the Partner's level by one or more steps and accordingly change the percentage of remuneration.
      3. If the Partner does not have new orders necessary for the minimum number of new orders for a certain period, the Company reserves the right to unilaterally reduce the level of the Partner's remuneration to the tariff with payment of 5% for all subsequent orders of the client who has already made and paid for one order at the least.
    1. The Company strives to achieve maximum agreement, benefits, and mutual respect. In this regard, the Company considers it necessary to determine the actions that are prohibited during participation in the Affiliate Program.
    2. The Partner undertakes not to use the promotional materials provided by the Company for such purposes (but not limited to):
      1. Earnings using promotional materials not provided under this Agreement. This may be the resale of promotional materials or any other activity not described in this Agreement.
      2. Actions that may undermine the image and reputation of the Company.
      3. Other unethical actions and misuse of promotional materials.
    3. The Partner is prohibited from using the following sources to attract traffic:
    4. Spam in any form, including, but not limited to, spam in email newsletters, spam on social networks, websites, mass mailing of messages with an affiliate link;
    5. Traffic attracted by the promise of financial and any other rewards to Customers who create fictitious orders;
    6. Traffic generated by software that creates dummy orders;
    7. Any other sources prohibited by international law.
    8. The Partner is prohibited from using the Website to violate international law, including:
    9. use the Website for events that do not comply with generally accepted standards for the use of the Internet, including the collection or collection of email addresses or other contact information of Partners or Customers of the Website using automated or other means for the purpose of sending unsolicited mail or other unsolicited information (spam) and for spamming itself;
    10. not use the Website for extremist activities, legalization (laundering) of proceeds from crime, and the financing of terrorism.
    1. The Company sets liability limits in order to reduce risks while working in the Affiliate Program.
    2. The Company is not responsible:
      1. If You do not understand and do not remember the Terms and Conditions of this Agreement;
      2. If You do not achieve the desired result while working in the Affiliate Program;
      3. If You have problems and difficulties while working and using the Affiliate Program of the Company;
      4. For any breakdown of equipment, software, Internet shutdown and other technical problems;
      5. For possible typos in the information materials provided by the Company;
      6. For losses that are possible as a result or during the use of the services of the Company.
      7. For failures or incorrect work of contractors, including malfunctions in the operation of payment systems.
      8. For damage associated with the use or inability to use the Website, including without exception all cases of incurred or estimated costs, loss of profit, interruption of business activity, loss of business information, or other monetary losses, unless the Partner has proved the existence of the aggregate all the following circumstances:
        1. the fact of incurring losses;
        2. guilty actions of the Company in causing losses;
        3. the existence of a direct causal relationship between losses and guilty acts of the Company.
    3. You agree to pay all commissions or any other expenses necessary and concomitant with participation in the Affiliate Program of the Company, including commission by the organization of intermediaries when transferring money to You.
    4. When switching to other websites from the Company Website, the Company is not responsible for the content of these websites.
    5. The Company is not responsible for cases of illegal, unethical and unlawful use of the Affiliate Program. You agree to respond to any consequences arising from the illegal, unethical and unlawful use of information and materials of the Affiliate Program. You are responsible for paying for legal services if such a need arises.
    6. The Company is not liable for the consequences of the use (including, but not limited to damage, undesirable result and other side effects) of the materials provided on the Website.
    7. The Company reimburses losses only in the form of real damage, losses in the form of lost profits are not refundable. The total amount of liability of the Company to the Partner or any other person for any losses or any damage, including those arising from claims, claims or lawsuits related to this Agreement, is limited to the damage caused by the documented amount to not more than 20% of the amount received by the Partner for participating in the Affiliate Program within one year of the validity of the Agreement between such Partner and the Company.
    1. Since the Company assumes all risks and consequences associated with Refunds, the Company considers it necessary to approve the Anti-Conscientious Behavior Policy in order to guarantee mutually beneficial cooperation with Partners.
    2. The Company reserves the right to use and practice the following methods of countering unfair behavior:
      1. The Company has the right to check the orders of Partners without the need for prior notice;
      2. The Company reserves the right to delay the remuneration of the Partner if the latter is suspected of unfair behavior;
      3. The Company reserves the right to block the Partner's account in case of confirmation of the fact of unfair behavior, as well as to write off all funds that were on the account of the blocked Partner, if these funds were received as a result of unfair behavior;
      4. In the case of confirmation of unfair conduct by the Partner, the Company undertakes to notify the Partner of this in any way possible. The Company also undertakes to provide all information about facts that confirm the Partner's unfair behavior at the request of this Partner. The Partner can request any information about the customer order and the client, except for confidential data.
    1. You agree to the use of Your data on the terms described in this Agreement.
    2. By joining this Agreement, the Partner confirms that he has legal grounds and rights to process the information belonging to him, including personal data, when using the Website and that The Partner does not use other people's personal data and other information belonging to other persons.
    3. The processing of personal data necessary for the execution of the contract, the party, beneficiary or guarantor of which is the subject of personal data, is allowed without the consent of the relevant subject. Based on the above, due to the fact that all personal data requested by the Company is necessary for concluding and executing the Agreement, the Partner's consent to their processing is not required.
    4. The Partner acknowledges and understands that any data that he transfers and posts on the Website may become available to third parties at any time through no fault of the Company (for example, as a result of a hacker attack or hacking of the Website). The Company does not guarantee the safety of the transmitted information and is not responsible for the disclosure (presentation/distribution) of this information to third parties.
    5. You consent to the use of Your data each time You visit the edu-cash.com Website from any device and browser.
    6. The Company uses the information solely to optimize and improve Your use of the Website.
    7. The Company collects only certain information:
      1. Access time and IP address;
      2. Browser and operating system;
      3. E-mail for sending important information regarding participation in the Affiliate Program and for notifications of other interesting offers and news;
      4. The Company never collects information that relates to Your racial, cultural, religious, political and other views and beliefs, as well as other data not expressly indicated in this Agreement.
    8. You can unsubscribe from receiving newsletters.
    9. If You have questions about the use of Your data, You can always send a request for more detailed information. All such requests must be sent to [email protected].
    10. If You do not agree with these conditions, You must leave the Website and refuse to participate in the Affiliate Program.
    1. The Company uses cookies (hereinafter cookies) to improve the use of the Website for Affiliates and visitors.
    2. Cookies are sent to the devices of visitors to the Website and record the fact of visiting pages of the Website.
    3. The Company uses cookies for the following purposes:
      1. To improve Your use of the Website;
      2. To optimize the Website according to Your preferences;
      3. To ensure continued access to Your profile.
    4. The Company uses two types of cookies:
      1. Temporary or session - are deleted after the visitor leaves the Website;
      2. Permanent - stored on the device used by the visitor to enter the site.
    5. You can disable or regulate the cookie at any time. In this case, the Company cannot guarantee the adequate and full functioning of the Website;
    6. The Company guarantees that cookies are not used to collect personal information.
    1. The terms of this Agreement are valid until the Company or You decide to terminate it. Termination of cooperation may be made at any time.
    2. Any questions or disagreements should be considered and discussed between us and You within thirty calendar days. If it is not possible to resolve disagreements in the pre-trial procedure, disputes are referred to the court at the location of the Company.
    3. If the competent authority recognizes any condition of this Agreement as invalid, the rest of the Terms and Conditions remain in effect.
    4. The Company reserves the right to change all available information on the Website, as well as the Terms and Conditions of this Agreement at any time without prior warning of such changes, but with subsequent notification of them to You in any way possible.